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The Pacific Northwest Native Plant Website and Magic Books ( use art to highlight the relationships between native plants and animals. The booklets feature drawings of a native plant during different seasons. Each booklet contains a hidden pocket that reveals information about the plant and animals that depend upon it. The black and white booklets allow viewers to hand color and write about the plant/animal relationships using the website’s plant and animal image libraries. The color booklets were hand-colored and include the artist’s research. The website allows viewers to download the materials (for free) to make the booklets for educational non-commercial purposes. The website directs viewers to South Puget Sound places to view native plants and animals, resources for keeping a nature journal and doing citizen science, field guides and websites to learn more about native plants and animals, advice on how to design a native plant garden for your backyard, school or neighborhood, and organizations doing wildlife habitat conservation work. I wanted to make educational artist books more accessible to the general public and educators.