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Nisqually Delta Restoration Puzzle
Nisqually Delta Restoration Puzzle
Artist Book
16" x 16"

The Nisqually River Delta in Washington State provides a model of river estuary restoration and a hopeful message about our environment. This puzzle provides a hands-on learning activity for adults and children to visualize the impact of removing 100-year-old agricultural dikes at the Nisqually Delta on salmon and the thousands of species that rely on healthy productive estuaries. Restoration projects take a long time – often more than a 100 years– to realize their potential. Artists can help to convey an image of a hopeful future.

The puzzle and guide help people:

--Learn why estuaries are important.
--Learn the history of the Nisqually Delta and the leadership role of the Nisqually
Tribe, local citizens, and the US Government in estuary restoration.
--Visualize the impact of invasive species left from agricultural development of the
--Visualize agricultural dike removal.
--Learn about plants and animals that thrive in estuaries.
--Develop map-reading skills.
--Explore how art can inspire river restoration.