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Finding Our Way in Paper:  A Collaboration with Deborah Greenwood
Book Structure: Slinky book Materials: type-written and printed handmade papers, natural materials, and ephemera. Length: 600 pages Size: 3x24x3 inches Unique Photographs by Lucia Harrison and Deborah Greenwood
Length: 600 pages Size: 3x24x3 inches

Finding Our Way In Paper is a two-part interconnected slinky book that reflects upon our 6-year paper making collaboration. Letting go of preconceptions, we gather and transform local plants, drawing us closer to natural cycles, our friends and neighbors, and each other. Learning to make paper, an ancient tradition, is more than following a recipe, as plant fibers vary by climate, season, and place. We learn about local fibers through direct experimentation full of surprises and discoveries. We shape each batch to serve a purpose in our individual artworks. We are grateful to our mentors.