Lucia Harrison
Gallagher CoveWhere the Crab Apples Grow (Totten Inlet)Earth Spirit House (North Side of Entrance to Little Skookum Inlet)Henderson InletBoston HarborSchneider Creek (Budd Inlet)Flapjack PointBig Skookum InletTotten Inlet Village (Suxwe')Steamboat IslandMud Bay EstuarySlowly Pass Around WaterBlack Bear Place Where They JumpEld InletCooper Point
South Puget Sound Maps (2000-2002)
Lucia grew up on Cooper Point overlooking Budd Inlet. As a child, she navigated the waterways of South Puget Sound. These works investigate the indigenous place names of the five inlets of South Puget Sound. She kayaked the inlets, investigated the place names, recorded her natural history observations, and reflected on her childhood memories. Each map combines visual information with a journal entry. Embellished Prints of the Original Watercolors are available for purchase.